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15th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival

18/08/05 - The 15th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival takes place 14th to 23rd Aug 2005. There 28 Iranian chess players in this 3 groups chess tournament.

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Capelle-la-Grand: GM Amir Bagheri lost the title in the last round

GM Amir Bagheri who was on top before last round of Capelle-la-Grand tournament, lost his game to Brodski in the 9th round and stood on the 3rd place of this tournament. Bagheri was 41 at the beginning but with 7/9 points and rating performance 2697 took the 3rd place.

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Iranians won Asia Zone 3.1 both in women and men groups

22/12/04 West Asia chess championship (zone 3.1a) for men and women took place in Beirut, Lebanon from 13-22 December. In Men group GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami won the title ahead of 13 other players including top seed GM Al-Modiahki (QAT) with 7.5/9.
In women group 10 players competed in a round robin system and finally WIM Atousa Pourkashiyan won the title with 8.5/9 in a tight competition with host player Knarik Mouradian. Both Iranian young talents qualified for the next world chess championships.

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Asian Youth Chess Championships

13/12/04 - 315 chess players form 24 Asian countries including 14 Iranians play in Asian Youth Chess Championship 2004 in Singapore.

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Asian Chess Championship for Women

6/12/04 - 11th Asia Chess Championship for women takes place in Beirut, Lebanon from 3rd to 12th December 2004. 18 players including Atousa Pourkashyan and Shirin Navabi from Iran participate in this tournament.
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World Junior Ches Championship, Harikrishna and Korbut Won Titles

1/12/04 - GM Pentyala Harikrishna with10/13 became the second Indian after Viswanathan Anand to win the World Junior Chess Championship.  IM Elshan Moradi of Iran and 6 other players had 8.5 and after tie-break Moradi took 11th rank.
The girl's title was won by top seed Ekaterina Korbut of Russia with 10.5/13 . WIM Shayesteh Ghaderpour from Iran finished with 6 and rank 25th.
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World Junior and World Girls Chess Championship

22/11/04 XLIII World Junior and XXI World Girls Chess Championship takes place in Cochin, India from 18Nov to 1 Dec. IM Elshan Moradi and WIM Shayesteh Ghaderpour from Iran have participated in this tournament.
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4th place of world girls U16 for Atousa Pourkahiyan

14/11/04 - Former world girls U12 champion Atousa pourkashiyan from Iran stood on th 4th place of girls U16 world chess championship in Crete, Greece. Atousa finished her games with 8/11 equal with Maka Purtseladze (GEO), but after tie-break Maka won the bronze medal and Atousa went for the 4th place.
Other Iranian boys and girls had brilliant performance and 14 players out of 17 scored more than 60% of the points.
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World Youth Chess Championships
9/11/04 - World youth chess championships take place in Crete, Greece. Iran players in this event:
Afshar Niusha, Khalaji Hamieh, hakimifard Ghazal (G-10)
Hejazipour Mitra, Radfar Ayda (G-12)
Rahimi Tara (G-14)
Pourkashiyan Atousa (G-16)
Paridar Shadi(G-18)
Mirzaei Saleh, Yarlou Amirhomayoun(B-10)
Azemati Amir, Razipour Sohrab(B-12)
Kalantari Behmardi Rostam, Toufighi Homayoon, Darini Pouria (B-14)
Barzigar Touchahi Behrang (B-16)
Akbarinia Sayed Arash (B-18)
You can find Iranians results in this page.


Special report of Iran teams in 36th Chess Olympiad



Shojaat Ghane in  Erupean Club Cup

6/10/04 20th European club cup takes place in Turkey. Many chess stars have participated in this event. Iran national team player Shojaat Ghane is present in this tournament as Captain and player of Marmaris Belediyesi Sport Club (Turkey).
Shojaat didn't start his games well and lost in the first 3 rounds.

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GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami won the 13th Monarch Assurance Isle of Man

6/10/04 - Iranian GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami and Russian GM Petr Kiriakov won the 13th Monarch Assurance Isle of Man tournament with 7 points. Ghaem Maghami performance was 2745 which is the best Iranian performance all over. More details on the official site.



GM Ghaem Maghami in Isle of the Man

27/9/04 GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami has participated in Isle of the Man tournament takes place .100 layers including GMs are present in this competition. In the first round Ghaem Maghami defeated Gottschlich from Germany and in the second round he defeated WGM Bosboom from Netherlands.

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GM Valeriy Neverov won the 2nd Saipa Cup

 22/10/04 - GM Valeriy Neverov from Ukraine won the 2nd Saipa Cup (cat. x) took place in Tehran, Iran 13th-21st September 2004. The Title defender GM Ehsan Ghaem Maghami took the 2nd and GM Evgeny Gleizerov the 3rd place. You can find more information on Iran Chess Federation official site.



Iranian National team cleared for 36th Chess olympiad 


15/09/2004 - According to Iran Chess Federation announcement 6 men and 3 women players selected as Iranian national team for the 36th chess Olympiad in Calvia, Spain which takes place October 14th - 31, 2004st. Iran national teams consist of GM Ehsan Ghaemmaghami, IM Elshan Moradi, IM Morteza Mahjoob, Shojaat Ghane, Amir Mallahi and IM Mohsen Ghorbani in men competition and WIM Shadi Paridar, Shirin Navabi, WIM Atousa Pourkashiyan and Mona Mahini in women group.